Fiskars KitchenGarden™ shines a light on herb fresh cuisine
It makes possible to enjoying fresh herbs all year round. The power of LED light ensures store bought herbs not only stay fresh but continue to flourish in a perfectly controlled growing environment.
Fiskars KitchenGarden™ is available in two versions, the Basic which features an LED core displaying white light optimised for growing all plants and the Premium version which features an LED core with six inbuilt LED lights displaying colour bands between red, blue and white. The Premium version also comes with a remote control unit which not only adjusts the colour and light intensity, but also features an optimised growing 16/8 hour cycle.
Both units come supplied with two orange herb holders and capillary mats which respectively ensure that the herbs stay upright and receive the necessary hydration from the growing base.
With no noisy pumps, machine washable parts (with the exception of the LED core and the cupola).
Light angle coverage: 360°

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