Do-Dish™ Caddy provides organised storage for a variety of washing-up equipment with an integrated Do-Dish™ pump for washing-up liquid. The easy and quick one hand operated pump dispenses washing-up liquid by pushing directly on the pump with your sponge or brush.
Easy and quick access to dish soap, brush and sponge. Saves washing-up liquid and money. Clears up clutter around the sink. Integrated draining plate to catch excess water. Tip the caddy to empty water through the draining hole on the side. Detachable parts for easy cleaning. Separate compartments for storing brush and sponge. Left or right placement options in sink area due to interchangeable parts.
Do-Dish™ Caddy is based on the innovative patented Do-Dish™ pump making the washing-up even more convenient.
Easy one hand operation. Grab a sponge or a brush and push with it on the Do-Dish™ pump and start washing-up. The Do-Dish™ Caddy gives you easy access everything you need for washing up in one place. The Do-Dish™ Pump is designed to dispense just the right amount of liquid directly on the sponge or brush thus minimising use of washing-up liquid.

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