Churncraft’s modern butter churn taps into three powerful currents in contemporary American culture: the farm-to-table movement, a new-found respect for the artisan’s way of life, and a deep longing for things that are real: quality that can be seen, touched and tasted.

The churn was designed for leading chefs, sophisticated home cooks and homesteaders who use cream from their own cows to make the freshest butter. It has attracted attention from the Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Country Living and several food publications as butter is experiencing a revival in American cuisine.

The design challenge was to update a historical appliance from the 1930s for the contemporary kitchen while keeping its mechanical functionality. We aimed to create an icon that would feel both familiar and excitingly forward-looking. Key features such as the arc handle, the transparent dome and the native hardwood grip engage the user’s mind and hands.

Stainless steel shafts and industrial precision gears, visible through the dome, emphasize the mechanics, while the semi-artisanal glass jar refers to an older manufacturing tradition. The churn is hand-assembled in our workshop in Connecticut.

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