“Chestnuts” hand grinder is with an innovative design of round shape inside and square one outside. It’ s to make a more stable hand grip during the process of grinding and to show a more rational beauty than the cylindrical shape.

The high-precision body is made of aluminum alloy. The precise structural design of central axis ensure the uniformity in the process of professional grinding .

The container is made of walnut, processed in high-precision and polished in a level for works of art. The modern CNC technology solves the problem of precision at mass production of traditional material, which makes the wooden container match the metal body closely. It highlights the unique charm of natural wood compared with the metal material.

Ball-type fixed structure is more efficient and convenient to use.

Chestnuts hand Grinder is a piece of professional equipment of coffee bean grinding for personal users. We don’t think coffee equipment should be cold. Instead, it is a way to enjoy life and with features of humanities and aesthetics.

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