97% local Robinia wood
3% high alloyed carbon steel
100% made in Germany

//SKID handcrafted by LIGNUM is a razor sharp creation inspired by Mother Nature. Traditional wooden craftsmanship meets contemporary manufacturing techniques and creates a whole new cutting experience for every design-oriented hobby chef. // SKID combines timeless design with the ecologically sustainable raw material wood and a high-alloyed carbon steel that has been proven over generations in one product. Wood in its natural form has a variety of positive qualities. //SKID uses 97% of the renewable raw material robinia wood or black walnut. Both types of wood are able to protect itself from external influences, such as bacteria, thanks to the high proportion of tannin. Due to a special vacuum infiltration process with an self-developed oil mixture //SKID is protected against the effects of moisture. The seamless merging of steel and wood creates an innovative and unique chef knife at the same time. //SKID is intended to provide an ecologically sustainable alternative to industrially manufactured knives.

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