The AMC professional Pure1 knife series: simply better.
The professional knife series “Pure1” by AMC catches the eye at once with its noble design and the dark coloring of the blade. What can be seen: the pure, perfect and highly aesthetical design of the knives. What cannot be seen: the 48 complex construction steps and the craftsmanship which are required to manufacture a Pure1 knife out of an ordinary knife. The results are true masterpieces that will transform each kitchen into a professional workshop.

Simply sharp: a special alloy from German steel in combination with the perfect 30° cutting angle guarantee optimal initial sharpness and long-lasting cutting performance.

Simply cutting: effortless gliding thanks to the exclusive titanium coating

Simply beautiful: form follows function – the perfectly balanced and ergonomic knife for optimal handling in perfect design

Simply stowed: the Pure1 Block. Simply stowed: Pure1 Block. With timeless elegance that will enhance any kitchen. The brush can easily be taken out for cleaning purposes and provides individual stowage potential. The asymmetric design facilitates storing and removing of the knives.

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