The SURUDOKU is a traditional chef’s knife in the Santoku tradition in full tang construction with a striking design language and a very thin blade. In one of the last remaining original Solinger Schleifkotten, the blade is hollow ground on one side by knifemaker Ralf Jahn to the “Wipperkotten” in Solingen. This results in a particularly thin blade which is gleamed blue in the finish. The design combines traditional Japanese design with Solingen craftsmanship. The handles are made of stabilised bog oak and are seamlessly adapted to the curved shape of the ground. Stabilizing combines the properties of wood with those of plastic and makes the handles insensitive to moisture, for example. The use of C100 carbon steel (100Cr6) and the hardening to 61° HRC (Hardness Rockwell Cone) in combination with the hollow ground joint allow an extremely fine trigger and thus an extraordinary sharpness of the blade. This means that even the finest cutting work, for example in sushi preparation, is possible and offers the user a very special cutting experience. Carbon steel is not stainless and must be protected against corrosion. A knife for connoisseurs.

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