Kyocera ceramic knives – Japan series

Since their establishment in 1959, Kyocera have become one of the leading companies in the development and production of high-performance ceramics. We started producing Japanese kitchen knives in Sendai with blades made of zirconia ceramics as early as 1984, making us one of the pioneers. Our longstanding experience in the field of fine ceramic materials is applied to the production of high-quality, robust and sharp ceramic knives.

Japanese designs are characterised by absolute functionality and a form reduced to the essentials. Combined with our high standards of technology and craftsmanship, ceramic knives of timeless aesthetics result.

The special properties of Kyocera ceramic knives make cooking a pleasure: the dense and smooth surface of the blade allows for absolutely precise cuts, the extreme hardness of the material ensures above-average edge retention, plus they are amazingly light, extremely flexible and corrosion-free. They are the ideal tools for preparing food.

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