FU-DAU is designed to be used as a tea knife and an envelope opener. The grid of the knife is structured by the same bamboo, which is curved from the middle of the knife and bounded with the shrinking plastic. And the knife can be stood without other aids.

There is a very interesting way to use plastic in Taiwan, it is usually to see plastic which is covered on the clothesline pole, the bamboo sweep… etc. But these products do have the original material properties without the plastic cover, so what is the meaning except giving another color with plastic?

Thermoplastic is the material with the characteristic which will be shrunk in the high temperature. I found it can be used as the strong connection. I decided to use the binding power which is created by the bamboo and plastic to design

Bamboo is a material which is commonly used for traditional art and craft, while the plastic is usually used for industrial products. I decided to not only combine these two materials, but also show their individual characteristics.

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