#1502 Ingenuity Knife Serial includes 4”Paring knife, 5” Santoku knife, 7” Santoku knife, 8” Chef knife, 8”Frozen knife, 6.5” Santoku knife, 7” Carving knife, 6.5” Boning knife and 6.5” Cleaver, that can meet various cutting need.
#1502 Ingenuity Knife Serial can be edged to angle of 10° with the special “Willow Leaf” edging method. After 1040 degrees Celsius vacuum hardening and -196 degrees Celsius cold forge processing, the knife structure becomes more stable with more durable sharpness. The back of knife blade and the knife bolster are polished smoothly with 2.5mm arc for safe and comfortable hand grasping and holding. The decorated logo provides high quality texture.
The knife blade is made by German 1.4116 (50Cr15MoV) stainless steel that contributes high degree of 55HRC hardness. 0.5% high carbon content can increase the knife hardness and sharpness, while 15% high chromium content enhances the capability of corrosion resistance and rust proof, and the content of molybdenum and vanadium contribute more toughness and durable sharpness.
#1502 Ingenuity Knife Serial combines Hardness, Sharpness and Toughness in whole.

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