Combined with pragmatism and aesthetic doctrine, TZULAI wood cutting board provides 3 main features:

1. The edge of the board is elegantly shaped into a “blood-stopping” groove, it keeps your kitchen table clean while you slice the juicy meat. And at the same time, the shape of it is restrainedly beautiful.

2. Instead of parallel fibers, the board is made from vertical rubber wood fibers, it provides stronger surface for heavy chopping, no worries about the cracking of your cutting board while you prepare your thanksgiving turkey feast. Vertical fibers also present the natural beauty of the wood veins, as it gives the product a lively look.

3. Packaged with the additional 2mm thick changeable PP surface board, it provides the same strong cutting resistance as wood while been put on the wood board as its strong base. it allows you to separate food materials into seafood, meat, veggie or bread. Thanks to its thin and tiny shape, it seems like you have 4 different cutting boards at once that gives you the luxury of your kitchen space.

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