Cut your salads and enrich them with the vital boost of Fit & Fresh Dressings, at the same time!

The new Vitaminactivator patent brings the swiftness, quality and safety of Borner V5 slicers to a higher level! With its new design, a technology which promotes effectiveness and easy usability, the new slicer not only makes vegetable and fruit cutting easier but also boosts your body energy, thanks to the practical use of its kit, which works perfectly with the Fit & Fresh Dressings!

The new healthy diet and well-being product, which promises to enrich each of your meals with the necessary vitamins your body needs… simply by adding a few drops to each of your meals.

Please, follow the instructions:

1. Connect the adaptor to the bottle
2. Gear the ready-made kit with the “case”
3. “Fasten” the kit to the “case” by locking it in the right position
4. Place the kit together with the “case” into the Vitaminactivator and you are done!

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