The Viper® Pro was created after careful analysis of our largest clients’ needs. The innovative solution was created for our clients with needs to reduce the spread of food borne illnesses, cross-contamination and laceration injuries found in food service.

The cutter has three cutting surfaces: the central cutting edge and two piercing edges on the sides. The side edges are used to open multiple substrates, such as sealed/knotted bags, potato/onion/coffee bags, cryovac, cellophane-sealed products, etc. Therefore, the need for scissors in the kitchen or workplace is reduced. The central blade may be used to open bags made from a variety of materials with one fluid motion.

To use, gently squeeze together over the top of bag and slide from one side to the other. The tail of the bag remains attached, preventing the material from contaminating and entering food areas. Use the side edges to pierce bags, pouches, or plastic wrap. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. The body is ergonomically designed for grip and ease of use. Each blade is stainless steel preventing corrosion, chipping and breaking. It is NSF certified and made using FDA approved, food safe materials.

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