So small yet so precise: The TriScale folding scale from Morph for Joseph & Joseph gives precise measurements right down to the last gram and can be folded together to a tiny size and stowed away safely when not in use.

A kitchen gadget for even the smallest of kitchens

Folded together for storage, TriScale scarcely even looks like a kitchen scale: When the arms of the base are folded together compactly, the display is well protected inside from any knocks or scratches. In this way the folding scale needs hardly any storage space and is suitable for even the smallest of kitchens. When folded open, it shows just what it has to offer: three arms that provide a stable base on which to place baking bowls or beakers and that sit in one place thanks to their non-slip undersides, allowing you to weigh cooking and baking ingredients accurately right down to the last gram.

No need to convert measurements

The streamlined design of TriScale has yet another trick up its sleeve: The small yet ingenious LCD display can show the weight in grams, pounds, ounces, fluid ounces or millilitres depending on your needs. This means that you can even try out recipes with unusual measurement units without having to spend ages converting them all beforehand. Last but not least, to ensure that weighing with the TriScale folding scale really is quite simple, the appliance naturally also has an integrated Add & Weigh function.

A perfect example of a space-saving kitchen accessory

Whether in terms of attractive design, an innovative nature or functionality – TriScale meets all of the aspects of good design. The international expert jury for the Red Dot Award agreed, awarding the space-saving kitchen gadget a Red Dot in 2013 for this design achievement. You can order TriScale from Morph for Joseph & Joseph online in the colours green or white.

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