The Tattva Collection is a unique combination of space saving kitchen utensils & storage components; transforming the quintessential Indian ritual of Roti (Indian bread) making into a convenient, hygienic, beautiful experience.

Reinvented to suit contemporary Indian lifestyle, it is a combination of four complementary utensils needed for Roti making, designed to be stacked together as a single unit.

The base element is the Paratt or Kneading Bowl (stainless steel). It can also be used to store dry flour when used separately with the lid. The bowl also becomes the case for storing the Chakla (Rolling Base) when the latter is inverted. The Chakla is made out of fine Sheesham Wood (a tight grained wood allowing minimum friction & seepage). A stainless steel Lid covers both Paratt and Chakla keeping dust & grime out. A stamped trough on the lid acts as a stand for the Belan (rolling pin) keeping it from rolling when not in use. The wooden Belans’ handlebar has been carefully sized to fit perfectly into hands for a non slip grip and to aid easier rolling.
The Tattva Stack is an adept, stylish and modern Indian tool dedicated to the elemental art of creating the perfect Roti.

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