SpülWunder – the bristleless dishwasher brush cleans gentle and easily any dishes – from crystal to porcelain and nonstick cookware – The cleaning pad made of silicone has an antibacterial effect due to the impregnated silver ions; it cleans hygienically and stays itself clean. SpülWunder does not drip and not absorb colours or unpleasant smells. – No matter whether you prefer a classic white, fresh colours or silver lacquering, SpülWunder will always be an optical enrichment for every kitchen. – SpülWunder works efficiently against incrustation and deposits from pans and pots – silicone is up to 240°C heat-resistant. – With its slim shape, SpülWunder fits to any sink, either “single”, hanged or with matching holder – dirty dishwasher brushes, damp and musty sponges belong to the past! All benefits at a glance – antibacterial – odour blocking – does not stain – heat-resistant – nothing sticks – does not drip – always clean & hygienic – handy, ergonomically shaped handle – available in fresh colours, with or without suitable holder

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