Prep+ is a collection of food preparation tools designed to let you express yourself in the kitchen. Developed by LOVERAMICS the Prep+ collection is made with high performing materials. The core of the range expresses LOVERAMICS ‘love of ceramics’ utilising beautiful high-fired cream coloured porcelain to create sensual forms which are the right size, shape and function for you to prepare food at home with ease. Designed by Simon Stevens the collection incorporates many helpful design features: 2-Way Chopping Board: angled sides allow for ease of pickup and sliding chopped food onto plate Mixing Bowls: hexagonal faceted base design lets you whisk at the perfect angle Grinders: each mechanism is made of highly durable ceramic. Funnel design allows for ease of refill Grater: the circular teethed mechanism shreds foods into fine consistency. Ergonomic knob and angled face Juicer: allows you to juice a larger volume of citrus fruits of all shapes and sizes. The filtering spout allows you to pour with accuracy

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