Oyster is a multipurpose kitchen gadget.
Oyster is a combination spoon scale with a double probe thermometer. One probe is for testing the temperature of food outside of the oven. The other probe is for testing within the oven.
Kitchen products are used frequently and very soon the user builds up a relationship with their “tools” physically and emotionally. The design needed to reflect itself as a totally practical piece of equipment while having a visual personality that bonds with the user quickly.
Oyster is fundamentally a new product for the kitchen so the design had to reflect this while building an immediate relationship with the user.
Because it is unique and the first of its kind it could easily be put in the kitchen drawer and forgotten in favour of its more familiar predecessors before it becomes a fundamental part of the consumers cooking routine.
 This is the fate of so many new kitchen gadgets!
Therefore the design had to be both practical and visually stimulating straight out of the box to enable the user to form an immediate bond. This relationship will quickly change the working process to introduce its use as part of their normal cooking routine. The qu

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