Cheese planers often fall into two categories: the affordable supermarket types, seldom both of good quality and design marvels. And the high price point steel designs, costing 5-15 times more and not necessarily being more functional. We wanted to change this by designing a superb product at an affordable price. For maximum structural strength, the handle is designed to distribute material tension optimally during use. Polyamide is chosen as material for its durability, longevity and recycling abilities. This enables a 25 grams light, rigid framework for a solid feel and easy operation, while minimising material usage. And very special attention has been given to designing the surface’s non-stick properties for a super smooth user experience – all contained in a friendly, ergonomic design language based on the curvatures from the brand “Ostillipsoid” ellipsoid for a clear visual brand signature. The Osti 01 proves that everyday utensils can be aesthetically pleasing and wellperforming at a reasonable price, giving the user optimum performance, ergonomics, aesthetics and recyclability, all meeting Osti’s core values: friendly design, functionality, quality and affordability.

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