Multi-functional cutting board in Taste Plus brand, owns the meat&vegetable division and 2 layers construction:
1.2-layer combination, the 1st layer is for cutting vegetable and the 2nd layer is for meat, to avoid the taint of odor and bacterial infection by different food, which makes us a healthier life.
2.The raw material is subropical Bavaria beech, it is natural, hard, corrosion resistant and healthy.
3.Wooden storage drawer, safe to keep our food. We could put vegetable residue or ingredients inside it , which is much safer than plastic plate.
4.Four anti-slip silicone base keeps cutting board very stable and prevents hands from injury when we cut the pork bones.
5.Thickened wood design makes a higher density and mould/ moisture resistance function.
6.Surrounding grooves design prevents liquor running over to the kitchen cabinet.

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