With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, cooks and kitchens everywhere need tools and ingredients that can keep meal preparation simple, while maximizing the freshness of their creations. Now, keeping fresh herbs and spices has never been so easy or convenient. McCormick’s Fresh Herb Grinder is a breakthrough for all culinary-minded consumers – the first commercially-available package of its kind. An innovative grinding cap is the chief element of both its novelty and function, featuring a specially-layered system of blades and crushers that perform the hard work as you simply twist the cap. An extra friction component was even created to produce the sounds of herb grinding as the mechanism had to be precise to the point of silence to deliver consistent amounts per twist. Just a few twists of the proprietary grinding cap will release fresh herbs, producing the taste and aroma of those just picked from the garden. While the package’s exterior aesthetic is simple and straightforward, the container’s silhouette creates ease of use with a grip ridge at the base and an organic curve that alludes to the freshness of its contents. Made from recyclable plastics.

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