Der Kochhut, the cooking cap, is an innovative and multifunctional cover for all prevalent pans and pots. The idea for the shape was to interpret the chef’s hat, that stands for extraordinary quality of food, in an abstract way. Due to the clever design it is leading fume and smells directly to the cooktop extractor fan. The cooking cap functions as well as a splash guard and guarantees cooking and roasting while the kitchen remains clean. The cooking cap can stay in place the hole time and isn’t needed to be lifted to stir or spice the food. It consists of three parts and is very handy: The moving cap and the base fit exactly pots and pans with 28 cm diameter. With the circular adapter the cooking cap can be also set on smaller pans with a diameter up from 24 cm. The colours amaranth and basalt are trendy and classical at once. They aim to mirror a modern’s kitchen environment. The cooking cap was developed in Austria and is made of high quality plastics. It is certified by TÜV, resistant to heat and cold, long-lasting and extraordinary robust. The cooking cap is disassembled and reassembled easily. It can be washed in the dishwasher for a hygienic use.

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