It is designed as a simple, ergonomic and functional hand blender that is compatible with the Arzum product identity. Thanks to the double function button and easy to grip body shaped according to target user, it provides ergonomic grip and comfortable usage. Double function button makes it easy to switch to turbo or normal operation mode without changing the finger position. Thanks to its stainless steel blender arm and multiple blades, it is optimized to perfectly chop up the food without moving it up and down. Leading triple blades positioned as an addition to the curved blades increase the product performance. Leading blades catch food much faster, and the triple main blade structure, which is located effectively, allows the food to be chopped faster, homogeneously and effortlessly. With its form compatible with Arzum product identity and trends; it is aimed to be able to address the expectations of different user groups with the color alternatives determined by CMF studies.

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