Kayra doesn’t make wine, they craft wine.The story of Kayra wines starts with the vine and ends with a glass. Not any vine.And not any glass.We realize that perfection can only be reached through the door of patience.Our vines, rooted in the soil of Anatolia, patiently carry their berries as the wind sculpts the leaves – each one a masterpiece.We believe nature designs perfectly.That is why we took our inspiration from her.Karim Rashid, commissioned by Kayra, followed the story already provided by nature, and simply wrote another chapter. Every glass, breathed into life by the glass-blower. Karim Rashid says: For Kayra, I gave form to the beauty of wine and it’s multi-faceted and fluid characteristics. I was inspired by the bowl of the glass, like mouth-blown Anatolian glass craftsmanship, with its undulating wrapping and swirling curves that evoke the body of the wine when it dances in the glass. The travelling ripples is the way wine rolling over your tongue. As the wind blows life into the vines, the glass-blower brings the vessel out of which the wine is to be experienced to life.

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