Our intention was to design the vessels and items for contemporary coffee pleasure. Together with its sculptured formality, the functionality and aesthetic appearance of the design express a cultural statement of everyday life. A model example of this serie of vessels is the “Espresso et Aqua” set, with the two double-walled glass and bone china espresso cups showcased on the elongated melamine saucer. Together with its double wall, the delicate, cream-coloured bone china porcelain combines a thermal function with a static design that compensates for the low hardness of the elegant material compared to hard porcelain. The double-walled borosilicate glass was chosen as a heat-resistant material that made it possible to combine the heat preservation expected by the coffee culture sector with a light, graceful aesthetic. The black melamine saucers form a dark, secure formal basis for the light, graceful borosilicate glasses illustrating the classic, healthy combination of good espresso and water. With all the items of the collection, the contour of the vessels and their structured form playfully evoke associations with the coffee capsules on which the K-fee system is based.

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