Vacuum flasks keep beverages fresh on a daily basis and, as they are often placed within easy reach on a table, pass through many hands. Dedicating himself to redesign this vessel of daily use with the creative idea of “making a vacuum flask that has character,” Danish designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen has transformed it into a fascinating object of strictly geometric appearance. The search for a new shape for the vacuum flask led him to in-depth research and sketching of “various possible lines, circles and forms” in order to “create a geometric harmony and give the flask weight and stability,” the designer explained. This process of creative reinterpretation resulted in the concept of a vacuum flask defined by a surprisingly masculine appearance with sharp edges. In addition, the “geometric harmony” of the Geo vacuum flask is complemented by a well thought-out colour concept – the flask is available in six different, lively colour combinations that each possesses a distinct personality. Geo holds one litre of warm or cold drinks and is easy and self-explanatory to use. Based on a subtle design investigation, the creative design process led to a vacuum flask with a strong impression.

Geometric harmony

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