Fine food must be cooked from reassuring cooking. Nowadays healthy diet plays an important role in our lives, but people often ignore the influence of cooker safety for health.
Focusing on cooker safety, we tried to do some research on the real safe cooker. After over 10 years’ research on materials and work towards key technological breakthroughs, Micro crystal titanium cooker called the Nature Series finally came out. In the appearance design, we used an element of cobblestone, which is full of eastern Zen spirit and feeling. First of all, titanium is a kind of non toxic metal material. The key technology of the product material, Micro crystal titanium even has hardening capacity, therefore it is easy to be cleaned to remove grease and diseases. Meanwhile, it is hard to be shaved. Furthermore, adhesion of food molecules can be reduced effectively because it is appeared as fine and rolling texture in microscopic states. Thus it possesses non adhesive property physically. It is more advantageous comparing with coating non stick pan on sale.

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