Why this wok is called Tai Ji wok-pan?
Tai Ji can be understood to everything was existing by the simplest appearance, that was the original state of the universe.
There is a famous remark from China Taoist, “Everything is following the rule of nature”. The saying is a derivation of Tai Ji, and it’s an important ideology of oriental aesthetics.
We agree this saying, as a result, we made this simple design!
The raw material of Tai Ji wok-pan is carbon steel with carbonization, it’s totally nature and non-coating.
The benefits of using this wok-pan is that it doesn’t release chemical toxins. And FE++, the indispensable element for human body, will leach into the food while cooking.
Consider different dietary cultures, this wok-pan can also be used as a pan. It has higher wok side, and wider bottom is as a fry pan, during this reason, we called it wok-pan.
Either in appearance or in essence, it contains oriental aesthetics and nature element to form Tai Ji wok-pan.
The world gave us the inspiration. Squares and rounds element intertwined in this circular world, and derivative infinite changes.
Create a nature world, by the most natural Tai Ji wok-pan.

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