Pi is a wok with great appearance designed for young Chinese women. By repeatedly testing and calculating, we found that when the ratio of the thickness of the pot bottom to that of the pot wall reached 3.14, the wok would have excellent heat storage and thermal conductivity. Through pressure casting molding process, we successfully reduce the weight of pot body to 1.3 kilograms. With the unique “stir arc” modeling design, users can easily complete the action of taking up and down the pot using one hand to roll and stir food, which is a difficult Chinese traditional cooking skill, and then users can easily cook a table of delicious food. At the same time, we created a sapphire nonstick coating which can improve the nonstick performance five to eight times, more durable. Inspired by Chinese ancient porcelain, we designed the one-piece pot modeling which is more solid and beautiful, easy to clean.

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