The pot shape of the “JIANG” wok series draws on the formation semantic meaning of the Chinese traditional ironware, and the wooden handle more highlights the aesthetics of the traditional East Asian cooking products. The cast aluminum body is coated with the cast iron-like non-stick coating, lightening the product with traditional heavy appearance, more suitable for the needs of modern cooking.
The cone-shaped wooden handle which thinner tail is adaptable to the different types of hands. The silicone ring on the handle acts as a grip position reminder, avoiding hand burns. Suitable for the narrow kitchen table in Chinese large cities, the frying pan of this series has the design of the upstanding cover of which the innovative oval-ring casting support absorbs the semantic meaning of the Chinese traditional modeling, highlighting the Oriental beauty of simplification, and perfectly combining the shape and the function.
The inner wall of the frying pan of this series is designed with the texture in special angle suitable for the different use scenarios, so as to achieve the feature of “one pot for double uses”.

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