Precise in function and design.
Cooking may well take intuition and creativity, but when it comes to measuring out ingredients, every gram counts. The digital kitchen scale from RÖSLE combines a high-precision scale with a modern but timeless design. Plus, it’s easy to use and features a variety of functions.
An intuitive sliding mechanism switches the scale on and off. Slide open the 18/10 stainless steel weighing surface to reveal a black body with a white LCD display. It can be used on anything weighing up to five kilos and is accurate down to one gram. The tare function makes cooking and backing easier: No need for extra bowls or transferring of ingredients. The display units can be set to g, ml, oz or fl’ oz, which is very handy if trying out international recipes. After five minutes, it switches off automatically.
The scale itself features a slim, elegant design and takes up very little space. With its rounded sides, the scale fits in perfectly with classic kitchen appliances, yet it still has the unmistakable look of a RÖSLE innovation. The anti-fingerprint coating ensures that the sleek stainless steel will retain its elegant sheen, even after extensive use.

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