The valley is the natural designation for the things behind what we see as well as the mystery itself. It is the most impressive and powerful form that emerges as underground water overflows from its source to shape the earth like a sculptor. Feeling the hand of the wind in a rock cove when climbing up a valley or to be mesmerized by a rock washed by a stream at its deepest point could make a challenging design but meeting this challenge with cutleries would mean to deliver a true piece of design.
The surfaces with varying angles on the handle of the knife are intended to trigger refractions. The handles getting narrower from the end to the top create a perspective featuring the impact of the depth of a valley. An artificial perspective of impact is intended in the mouth of spoons, knives and forks, like the handles.
Dominated by deep and sharp lines like a perfect valley, the Valley aspires to add aesthetics and elegance to your tables in a thorough manner.

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