Focusing on ways of making eating a much richer experience, TSS spoon is inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia, a neurological condition where stimulus to one sense affects the other senses. Via exploring synesthesia what if stretch the borders of what tableware can do? Each design of TSS 6 spoon set stimulates and trains specific senses – allowing more than just taste buds to be engaged in the act with intuitive ways of eating. It guides to rediscovering a healthy and joyful experience. TSS influences certain changes to the taste, the eating speed or habits consequently to the diet via probing the elements of temperature, form, volume, texture, and thickness – focusing on mindful eating in appreciation of the experiences. It is subtle but in combination they harmonize into enhanced tasty effects. Through colour or sound, we do taste. The tableware should not just be a tool for placing food, but it should become extensions of our body, challenging our senses even in the moment when the food is still on its way to being consumed. Trigger one’s latent or dormant sensory abilities. TSS is composed of reinforced ceramic, which has high heat-resisting but low heat conductivity.

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