SPREADER KNIFE MINIMISES THE MESS – SELF STANDING SPREADER KNIFE BUTTER KNIFE WITH SHAPE AND FUNCTION IN PERFECT HARMONY The Spreader Knife Air, designed by the Swedish brand Bosign, minimises the mess on kitchen surfaces during use. During the design of Bosign’s spreader knife one of the objectives were to integrate all the functionality in the natural shape of the butter knife. Nothing added. Just a shape and it’s inherent function. The result is a functional spreader knife with a clean shape. Ideal for spreading butter, jams, soft cheeses and dips. Bosign’s Spreader Knife becomes a stylish and decorative addition to any dinner table. BUTTER KNIFE WITH A GRIP FRIENDLY HANDLE The shape of the handle adds extra power when cutting into the butter. Butter is famously soft in room temperature, but even the strongest person appreciates a good grip when dealing with a cold and hard piece of butter taken straight from the refrigerator. Features; Elevated blade minimises the mess Grip friendly handle Ideal for spreading jam, butter, soft cheese, tapenade etc. Solid stainless steel Handcrafted from a single piece of solid wood, a durable, bacteria resistant hardwood

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