The development and design of this set took into account vital aspects such as ergonomics, weight, volume, functionality and variety. The goal was to cover all the needs that a European table may require when it comes to eating. One outstanding feature is the aesthetic design that provides added value to this family of cutlery, as well as the inspired search for a concept as a starting point for creation.
As if they were lithe and elegant animals with a thin and narrow neck, but proportionally strong and robust. A game of elongated shapes and a contrast of surfaces and volumes that evoke a refreshing and contemporary air. Plans that are transformed into slight curves. A collection of strong sections that are contrasted by flat cuts. Slender-tipped knife that contrasts with the flatness of the base of the handle. A straight ending that delivers visual balance to the piece. The originality of these geometries is the distinctive feature of a collection for use on special occasions, with a mighty presence and characteristic traits.

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