The Nespresso system is a design triumph, the cups are beautiful, the Aeroccino sophisticated, the milk has got just the right temperature and the froth is creamy and light. The only thing needed now is a both a functional and aesthetically pleasing spoon to ladle out the froth and milk. It should neither be too small or too large like a soup spoon, made of a pleasing material, it shouldn’t scratch the Teflon coated surfaces and it should fit snugly into the milk jug or Aeroccino to scrape out milk and froth like dough out of a baking bowl. Until now, scratches – despite all caution – could never be prevented and spoons never had the right size.
IMPULSO fits exactly the inner shape of milk frothers like a glove and allows more precision in loading the froth ladle and also better portion control of the froth. Dalbergia timber is elegant and distinguished, but food safe at the same time. This material prevents scratching of the container while the inserted stainless steel wing accentuates the stylish character of the froth ladle. The milk froth spoon IMPULSO is a fantastic problem solver and offers a high quality aesthetic accessory to conventional coffee cutlery

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