The ASADO steak board is based on a linear, modular structure and is made of high-quality materials. This way, the board can be individually configured using various dipping and cutting insets. The selection of materials is intended to make the board as natural as possible. Oiled iroko wood, split slate and polished Corian® serve as the base materials. The Corian® and solid wood elements are made using only leftover materials from serial furniture production in order to get as much use as possible out of each raw material.
The main focus in the design of the board is on a very clear, structured layout in which contrasts play a key role: contrasts in structure and colour, but also in the manufacturing process which combines state-of-the-art CNC technology with traditional craftsmanship. The extremely thin line of black Corian® in the dip bowls serves to bond the materials and through the use of 3D milling processes becomes an essential design element.

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