Amo, which evolved from the meeting of venerable Gense and colourful Paola Navone, is a product that channels the essence of the two icons’ encounter. Gense approached Navone to express the company’s admiration for her stylistic idiom, and also paving the way for a possible collaboration. Gense did not have to wait long for a response. Paola Navone was interested and a meeting was booked. The discussion at the first meeting revolved around the importance of keeping the product design simple, which is a principle close to Paola Navone’s heart. At Navone’s request, Monica Törnqvist recounted the long version of Gense’s history and pioneering work collaborating with designers, after which is was apparent that a colourful collaboration was about to begin. The cutlery that has now been updated is a dream-like fusion of Gense’s quality and skilled craftsmanship with the clean lines of Paola Navone’s artistic idiom. With strong associations to the sea and, in particular, Paola Navone’s iconic fish, Amo is undeniably cutlery with character, the elegant form creating a perfect balance between the matte finish and the playful design.

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