Pioneered Portable Bottle with Full Range of Filtration Function Guardian of Your Health for Drinking Water
Sukori filter bottle is a multipurpose portable bottle that can conveniently filter water for you. It saves you money, and healthy for you. It has a unique mechanical design, and can be easily converted to your needs. For everyday use, it can be used as a portable bottle. When there is a need, Sukori becomes a portable personal water filtering system that can replace any store bought bottled water.
Take it traveling, going abroad, on excursions, hiking, or wherever your adventures take you. In addition to providing you wonderful, clean water, it is environmentally friendly wherever you go.
The Sukori filter bottle uses NSF certified activated carbon and KDF55. It effectively removes the impurities in the water, odor, and absorbs the chlorine so you can taste better, cleaner and healthier water.

Unique Internal Filter Road Design
Sukori filter bottle has a unique internal filter road design, to ensure that every drop of water is being properly filtered. To ensure that every drop of water is being properly filtered, be sure to filter at a slower rate. For maximum effective filtering, it is recommended to push down and filter at a rate that would take at least 30 – 60 seconds.
After each cleaning and drying, depending on the circumstances, place a little lubricant, such as cooking oil, on the outside of the rubber. This ensures the smooth operation of filtering the water.

Simple Timing Dial on The Bottom of The Bottle
Because of the variety of tap water quality, we recommend replacing the filter after 400 uses,150 liters or every 3 months. The timing plate will remind you when you should replace the filter. Using a coin, you will be able to set up the starting month or the estimated expiration month of your filter. It is recommended that you replace the filter periodically.

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