After creating the all-stainless steel, vacuum insulated category in 1913, Stanley, a brand of PMI, is again resetting the industry standard for thermal retention and durability with the Master Series.

The toughest of the tough and those who demand the very best, our Master Series offers unrivaled durability and thermal retention. Stanley’s century of know-how meets state of the art design in every detail; without compromises.

QuadVac™ technology adds a double-layer barrier to double-wall vacuum insulation for four layers of protection from convective, conductive and radiant energy transfer. QuadVac™ locks in heat or cold like no other.

Rust-proof + naturally BPA-free, the Stanley Master Series is the strongest out there by far and comes with a lifetime guarantee to match its ultimate construction.

How we make our products is just as important as how they function. Whether it’s producing eCycle®, our own 100% recycled and recyclable material, making sure our factory workers are treated fairly and ethically or doing everything we can to make sure we recycle and compost as much as possible in our offices and factories, we are serious about sustainability.

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