This design is a vacuum pot, is an integration of Chinese traditional culture and modern production craft.
The idea comes from the Chinese word “Human” in the meaning of “human”, as everyone knows that one Chinese word is one picture or one pattern. “Human”is a beautiful word with the two simple strokes and Stable triangular structure. We use one stroke of the word “Human”as the product’s holder shape to make the comfortable using experience. And the whole product is like the “Human” shape, just like the Triangle it is stable and simple.
the product is made from the material of 18/8 stainless steel and PP, with double walled stainless steel and vacuum technology, with one press key to make the water easily out. Big ice cake can be easily put in the pot because of the large diameter mouth, and the Outlet drip is proof designed,
one press key to make water out, the large diameter mouth for big ice cake, and proof designed outlet drip.

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