The QUARTZ Bottle is a reusable, rechargeable, insulated water bottle that cleans itself and the water you put inside it. With digital purification from UV-C light, your water and bottle are purified at the touch of a button. Advances in LED technology allow us to house a powerful, energy-efficient 280-nanometer UVC LED inside the bottle’s cap. This UVC light kills 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses in seconds, so your bottle never develops a stinky odor, and your water is always free of biological contaminants.
This breakthrough technology is integrated within a sleek, classically minimal form with carefully considered details for an elevated experience. The drinking spout is perfectly proportioned and has internal threads that don’t touch your lips. The cap has a CNC-machined aluminum sheath that’s powder coated at the same time as the upper portion of the bottle for perfect color matching and a seamless silhouette. A tactile button activates sanitation mode, and a top-mounted, minimalist light-ring indicates when the UVC LED is actively sanitizing.
QUARTZ helps decrease waste from single-use bottles, or bottles that get trashed simply because they smell bad.

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