The design inspiration of the cute Qiaoshi cup is from the inviting shape of Hershey chocolate, which will immediately remind the consumers of the sweetness of chocolate and give them an amazing visual experience. The cup optimizes the use of volume with a capacity of 260ml even if it looks very small. The food-grade polyethylene (PE) on the rim of cup helps to effectively insulate heat. The detachable structure also makes it more convenient to clean the cup. To ensure safety, the total product is made of anti-microbial and antiseptic food-grade 304 stainless steel with high-purity vanadium nano-coating on the inner side of the cup. The ultra-microwave copper-plated inner container can reduce heat conduction and thus preserve hot or cold water for as long as 24 hours. The full-automatic painting technology provides both no-paint-chips quality and long-lasting bright colors.

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