Design Concept
Public Capsule was designed to give African children Malaria prevention pill when one bottle is sold out, including such meaning of campaign, the design was motivated from the capsule (or tablet). The material is biodegradable plastic that is no harmful to both environment and human. Also, it has not only public benefit and eco-friendliness but universal design factors, bottle users can drink and wash it more easily.

For the Users
1. 60° tilted design, easier to drink or use the bottle than ordinary one.
2. Body can be unscrewed, easier to fill the water or wash it
3. The transparent cup makes convenient to use and has formative characteristics.

For the Environment
1.Made of biodegradable plastic (Corn Starch)
(Brown : Corn Starch + Coffee grounds)
Cup : Ecozen
2.No environmental hormones (BPA FREE)

For Society
1.Hosting a campaign to provide with an antimalarial drug for African suffering every time each water bottle is sold.
2.We are trying to realize the social responsibility as a corporation to convey hope to the world with suffers

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