The limited private bottling for the Tyrolean hotel “Schwarz Alpine resort” represents a deep friendship between the winemaker and the hotel’s sommelier as well as the bottled passion for wine at the peak of perfection. Wines by wine producer Clemens Strobl from the Wagram wine region in Austria lay the foundation for the Alpine Private Edition. The unique bottle designs “Edelweiߔ, “Alpenrosé” and “Rosenrot”, which were burnt onto the dark burgundy bottles using a ceramic silkscreen printing process, portray the diverse world of Tyrolean flowers. Furthermore, these names also reveal information about the content of the bottle – their approximate vine variety, character and bouquet. The result is a perfect blend of the Wagram wine region and the Mieming high plateau, where the hotel is located. After bottling, every single bottleneck was dipped in white wax and the bottles were placed in elegant, black stained wooden boxes. A folder upgraded with golden hot-foil stamping is meant to emphasise this “bottled passion” once more.

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