Nice for you – better for the environment.

As takeaway coffee culture grows, so does the waste.

If the Caffe Cup is to replace disposable cups, it needs to be nicer to use.

The Caffe Cup’s design is beautiful, tactile and user-friendly. It is a collaboration between Marc Newson and Robert Wilson.

Its compact size comes from its unique triple wall injection moulded construction (patent-pending). It is 30% more compact than double-walled containers.

It fits espresso machines as well as vehicle cup-holders.

The Caffe Cup is highly stable, aided by the non-slip base.

The windows show the visual emotion of coffee and the level.

Its unique Butterfly Lid (design-registered) allows the coffee to flow and be sipped like an open cup.

The aroma can be appreciated as it can escape.

The lid opens and closes with the push of one finger. It is leak-proof.

For total cleaning it “clicks” apart.

100% of the coffee taste can be appreciated as its materials are taint free.

The cap and lid are made 35% renewably sourced DuPont Sorona®

All materials are unbreakable, dishwasher and microwave safe, BPA-free and are recyclable

It is economical to produce

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