nuapua: Drinking pleasure for everyone valuing indulgence, design and sustainability. nuapua refines fresh drinking water through a capsule system and small capsules containing high-quality ingredients deriving from nature – without any sugar, additives or preservatives. The flavorizer and flavor capsules enable the consumer to drink water with his flavor of choice. The bottle made of high-grade synthetic „TritanTM“ underlines the crystal clear purity of water and the ergonomic mouthpiece ensures a water jet like fresh out of a fountain. The rounded converging triangular shape of the logo can be identified in the design of the bottle and capsules. The colored silicon shell breaks the transparency of the translucent parts of the bottle, which stimulate attention towards the flavor capsules and the flavorizer. The capsule reservoir creates a beautiful play of colors when exposed to light, reminiscent of the sun reflecting in the water. The eco-social business agenda including waste prevention and resource preservation through the usage of local water support healthy and environmentally sustainable drinking pleasure. nuapua products also impress through quality “Made in Austria”.

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