IQ bottle represents the next generation of water bottle, using a combination of tap water and fruit syrup with vitamin compound. Its innovative and eye catching design capsule´s shape meets all the requirements of modern customer, by the same time ensures completely hygienic protection. Its appearance impresses the general public, but especially younger population will appreciate the variability in creating a unique bottle by themselves with the help of the enclosed stickers. Bottle delivers not only design but also a function of the activation of vitamin beverage with manner “TWIST & SHAKE” in 3 steps – screw on the vitamin cap, then cover cap and by turning left you will drain content into the water – shake, and you´re ready to drink non-carbonated vitamin drink with low sugar content and yield of Stevia. All components of bottle are made of high quality polypropylene material. Bottle ca be washed in dishwasher and heated in microwave along with the stickers on. Essential in creating IQ bottle was to provide a healthy flavored drink for younger population for each day, in dynamic and practical design with the possibility of completing own bottle concept into a character.

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