GEEWI is not only a container for reserving chicken eggs, but also a kitchen appliance all about the family intelligent health management.
Ideas of Product
The product GEEWI can monitor the egg demands of the users via the inductively intelligent egg container. GEEWI can also proceed the eggs’ stock reminder and the delivery based on a database platform management system. This will guarantee an annual non-stop supply of the best quality fresh chicken eggs to the user’s family.
From the hardware aspect, the product’s function well contains infrared sensor, backward compatible WIFI module, photosensing units and LED notification system. These simultaneous working functions can make the users receive the notification information about the egg stock and freshness, which can guarantee the intake safety of the eggs.
As we know, communication is always the core center of intelligence. People are always the core center of design. Only by designing the product which has barrier-free communication with people, can generate the power which is integrated into and change our lives.

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