EVAK is the world’s first glass food storage system that removes air from the container.

Air takes out the freshness…so EVAK takes out the air. The longer your food is exposed to air, the faster it loses flavor (it’s science). Glass containers with air-tight lids are readily available, but they trap stale air in with your precious food. Evacuate the air and keep your food fresher, longer. Our twin valve system forces the air out as you push down the lid, and lets you easily pull up and remove the lid. It’s so simple- just push down, then pull up; no buttons or levers. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to design.

There are other food storage containers that remove the air but are made from plastic that comes in contact with your food. Plastics have been proven to leach chemicals into food. Even “BPA- free” plastics that don’t contain bisphenol A are now being reported to contain other chemicals that mimic estrogen, leading to birth defects, cancer and other health issues.

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